Vida Sacic is an artist, designer and educator creating work that blurs the distinctions between these areas. She is an Associate Professor of Art at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, where she serves as the primary coordinator and the author of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Graphic Design.

After working as an Art Director in international advertising companies, Vida focused on working with typography and design in a non-commercial setting and academia. She uses letterpress printing practices to teach principles of design and typography, as well as collaboration and communication while emphasizing research, process and expression.

Her art practice focuses on "poiesis/practice concept" that binds material, technological, intellectual and social practices. Her classes and workshops explore the leadership skills and group dynamics through art and design education.

Maintaining a hybrid practice that includes creating and exhibiting prints, animations and installations, Vida's work relies heavily on process and research, common to both applied and fine art practices. Her art, design, and teaching practices inform and influence each other.