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Zene? – Zene!
City Museum of Varazdin, Croatia
Works by Ana Detoni, Mateja Rusak, Monika Rusak, Ivana Stepan Kauzlaric, Smiljana Šafaric and Vida Sacic
Through their works and practice, authors reflect on their gender identity.
Opening Reception Friday, March 16th | 7-9 pm
Show Run March 16th - April 8, 2018

Hamilton Wood Type Museum
New Impressions is an international, juried exhibition to showcase exploration and creativity with letterpress printing techniques.
Show Run April 17th -June 30, 2018

Works by Alex Jovanovich, Nicole Pérez, Caroline (Coco) Picard, Vida Sacic
The Bike Room @ Gallery 350
This exhibition brings together the work of 4 artists whose practices, histories, aesthetics – or day jobs – intersect with Design. Curated for the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, a college of applied arts, Graphic Content challenges students and viewers to redefine the binaries they hold sacrosanct: art vs. design, conceptual vs. commercial us vs. them.
Show Run November 1, 2017 - February 21, 2018


#43 from the “Electric Biology” sequence shows a beautiful command of the abstract strength of letters put together in an interesting fashion. It is a highly advanced abstract composition, whose unusual beauty takes place because of Sacic’s innate sense of balance and strong accumulations of form.

~ Jonathan Goodman
The Brooklyn Rail