Metal type
Wood type
Edition of 5 - 15 each
Over the past ten years, I have consistently created abstract prints that create visual poetics, incorporating fragments of language with abstract shapes. The compositions rely on the tools that I have collected. I consider the acquisition and the curation of printing plates as a part of my work. Visually, I look for abstract printing plates that can be used to create dynamic compositions full of movement. Letterpress printing is usually a very rigid process that relies on straight lines. I have continually created prints that challenge existing conventions of the medium. I am also intrigued by the history of the objects I work with. I print with plates that were used to print documents, tables, maps, and other official records and subvert their usage, literally turning them on the head.

Many compositions rely on the presence of a circle as a declaration and punctuation. More than an aesthetic device, the red circle becomes a measure of time as it relates to menstruation. It is a reoccurring presence that complements various compositions and narratives. I was particularly drawn to the circle as the shape relates to my body. The circle becomes shorthand for the changes in my body, whether an intracranial dermoid cyst or an ova (egg cell) traveling across the compositions. Printing accompanies me through my life experiences as an artist and a woman.

2010 - present